Welcome X CITPCA

As the Local Organizing Committee announces the 10th Ibero-American Congress on Postharvest Technology and Agro-exports to be held from April 1st up to the 5th, 2019, we want to, first, express our gratitude to the Chilean plenary session that, during the 2017 congress, chose Brazil to host the next event. With a mixture of delight and also concern to organize an event that is sufficiently attractive to stimulate participation, we are presenting details of the upcoming event. As the months until the Congress unfold, updates will be made to provide the best level of information to attendees of the X Ibero-American Congress. Should there be any questions, doubts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the available communication platforms at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
The Ibero-American congresses already have a history of successes. Nonetheless, we need to continue on this path of consolidation as a gathering event for research, academia, and private sectors of the region. The Íbero-Américan countries are distinguished by the wide assortment of crops produced in the most diverse productive arrangements, not only to supply local markets, but with a presence in practically all the distant markets through the region’s production in diverse edaphoclimatic conditions.
Considering the diversity of the region, the local organizing committee intends to include a session related to less explored species that are rather unknown to the general public worldwide. On the other hand, we also want to take some time to look into some frontiers of knowledge, such as the nanotechnologies that are increasingly present at production sites. However, we will continue to address innovations and new knowledge generated in traditional subjects that guarantee the quality of what is offered to the increasingly demanding consumers, especially with regard to safe food.
The X Ibero-American Congress should be, as it always has been, an opportunity to exchange knowledge and establish lasting partnerships that will definitely result in an environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially fair production. The organizing committee wants to create a setting so that everyone involved in the horticultural production chain can find an environment to present their considerations and, above all, contribute to the advancement of knowledge for a sector that generates numerous jobs and income. The local commission still has the firm intention that all attendees encounter unique experiences so that participation in the X Ibero-American Congress becomes an event of professional and personal enrichment.
Come to Bento Gonçalves in April 2019 to take with you, after your return, the memorable moments of reunion with long-time friends and the solidification of new friendships.

The Organizing Committee