Dear Friends and Colleagues,
The III Congresso Brasileiro de Processamento Mínimo e Pós-Colheita de Frutas, Flores e Hortaliças (Brazilian Congress on Minimally Processed and Postharvest Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables – CBPMPC), which will occur from April 1st to the 5th, 2019, is being consolidated with two other meetings to become a key event for all those involved in fresh-cut processing and postharvest handling of fresh produce in Brazil. In the effort to position this congress and the future postharvest and fresh-cut processing congresses on the national scene, we invite all to, firstly, join forces in spreading the news and, not least, to participate in this next III Congress in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul.
With the simultaneous organization of three events – the III CBPMPC, the X Congresso Ibero-Americano de Tecnologia Pós-Colheita e Agroexportações (Ibero-American Congress on Postharvest Technology and Agro-exports) and the First Latin America/Caribbean Food Loss and Waste Reduction Congress – we bear in mind a noteworthy association of the region around issues related to postharvest handling of food products in which Ibero-America has distinguished itself in diversified and qualified production for the supply of its domestic market and also with a solid share of more distant markets.
Collaborative work is always a challenge, but we are confident that only through associations and partnerships will creative and sustainable solutions be conceived to satisfy the demands of the food production sector.
The organizing committee is committed to making the participation of each attendee a memorable experience in which new knowledge will be gained, both through the themes to be presented as well as through entertainment with the other participants during the congress, and lasting relationships of professional advancement and friendship will be fostered. In addition to the professional aspects, we want to provide participants the opportunity to experience the culture, gastronomy and natural beauty of the region where European immigrants settled in southern Brazil in the middle of the 19th century.

We invite you all to come to Bento Gonçalves in April 2019 and, in this way, foster a fraternal experience and offer the means for experiencing unforgettable moments of professional and personal enrichment.
The Organizational Committee