Bento Gonçalves is an important traveler’s destination option of the region named Serra Gaúcha. The continuance of the ethnicity and culture of the first immigrants has created a midpoint of tourist attractions linked to grapes and wines.
Located at the highest portions of the Serra Gaúcha, Bento Gonçalves is a city of welcoming people and surrounded by an exuberant nature.
Bento Gonçalves is located 124 Km North from Porto Alegre, the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost the state in Brazil. The city lies at an altitude of 618m above sea level.

The population is estimated by the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE) of more than 115 thousand inhabitants. (Source: IBGE). 
The territorial area of the county is 382,5 Km².  The city of Bento Gonçalves is uneven and hills and valleys enclosing a profuse hydrographic network characterize the region. 
The climate of the region is typically a subtropical of altitude. The coldest months are June and July in which the average minimum temperatures are in the range of 8ºC. Highest temperatures occur during summer months, January and February, with an average in the range of 26ºC. 

Bento Gonçalves owns the title of The Brazilian Capital of Grapes and Wines and pioneered as an enotouristic destination of the country. Bento Gonçalves homes the National Wine Evaluation, the largest event of its kind in the wine sector and, as well, the International Wine Competition of Brazil. Several festivals and events alluding to grapes and wine are organized yearly.  


Vitiviniculture represents the third largest economy in the county. Vale dos Vinhedos was the first region in Brazil to obtain the Indication of Origin (IP) and also Denomination of Origin (DO) in September of 2012. Both are important worldwide certificates of the qualification of the wines from that region.